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The need for electricians is great, and the demand for qualified electricians is not likely to abate. Now we also include photovoltaic system (solar) installation and maintenance training in this popular Austin, TX Advanced Electrical Technician training program.
If you're interested in a career that pays well and offers opportunity for advancement, you should look into our Advanced Electrical Technician trade school.

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After completing the Austin Career Institute Advanced Electrical Technician Certificate Program you will be able to:

  • Describe the Photovoltaic systems and their components
  • Determine customer needs, assess site-specific safety hazards, conduct a site survey, and identify a suitable location for the PV array and other system components
  • Describe the PV system design considerations, including array configurations, component selection, and wire sizing
  • Use the information from the site assessment and system design documents to safely install a photovoltaic array and other system components
  • Define the PV system performance monitoring and troubleshooting procedures, including record keeping requirements
  • Describe the safety equipment used when installing or maintaining electrical systems
  • Define the units of measurement that are used to measure the properties of electricity
  • Demonstrate the use of equipment used to troubleshoot, install or maintain electric systems
  • Define capacitive reactance and state how it is affected by frequency
  • Describe the component parts and operating characteristics of a three-phase motor
  • Explain the relationship between voltage and current in RL circuits, RC circuits, LC circuits, and RLC circuits
  • Explain basic transformer action
  • Classify lighting fixtures by type and application
  • Properly select, install, and support pull and junction boxes and their associated fittings
  • Use NEC tables
  • Describe the wiring methods permitted for branch circuits and feeders in specific hazardous locations
  • Select branch circuit conductors and overcurrent protection devices for electric heat, air conditioning equipment, motors, and welders
  • Select contactors and relays for use in specific electrical systems
  • Calculate loads for various residential and commercial applications
  • Define the different categories for voice-data-video (VDV) cabling systems
  • Use industry paperwork and recordkeeping methods
  • Define customer service and identify work habits that contribute to success on the job

Advanced Electrical Technician Program Course Description

The program is comprised of six courses. All courses are independent of each other and can be taken without prerequisite.

  • ELT101 - Solar Photovoltaic Systems Installer
  • ERT102 - Introduction to Wiring
  • ERT103 - Advanced Wiring
  • ERT104 - Motors, Electronics, and Transformers
  • ERT105 - Residential and Commercial Systems
  • ERT106 - Special/Advanced Electrical Systems

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