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Get Certified at Our Medical Assistant School in Just 8 Months (32 weeks)

At our Medical Assistant School, you can earn your Medical Assistant certificate and will be qualified to test for the NRCMA - Nationally Registered Certified Medical Assistant in about 8 months (32 weeks)!  Medical Assistant positions are required to have specialized certifications. 

You can further specialize your skillset by achieving any of the below nationally recognized certifications at this Medical Assistant School offering these additional Medical Assistant courses at the same time!
  • NRCPT - Nationally Registered Certified Phlebotomy Technician
  • NRCEKG - Nationally Registered Certified EKG Technician
  • NRCAHA - Nationally Registered Certified Administrative Health Assistant

Medical and Allied Health licensing specialized Certifications are offered by NAHP.

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Earn your Medical Assistant Diploma at Austin Career Institute's Medical Assistant School in just 8 Months (32 Weeks) and up to 4 Certifications! Get More to Earn More Here!

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Your Medical Assistant school tuition could be offset by a grant, federal student aid or other sources of assistance. The United States government offers more than $100 billion dollars in federal student aid funding to cover tuition, courses, books, materials, and other coursework necessities.

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Launch your Career at our Medical Assistant School

The Medical Assistant School program includes administrative and clinical courses expected of entry-level positions in a variety of health care settings. Students develop skills in front office administration with an introduction to health insurance and basic billing practices. The back-office portion focuses on direct patient contact and typical clinical and laboratory skills, such as minor clinical procedures, EKG, phlebotomy, injections, and lab screenings. Students will also learn Universal Precautions, OSHA regulations, HIPAA requirements, confidentiality, and the legal aspects applicable to any allied health environment. Duties of Medical Assistants vary from office to office depending on office location, size, and specialty. They report directly to an office manager, physician, or other health practitioner.

ACI’s Medical Assistant School is a 8-month (32-week) program that includes general education and medical specific courses containing lecture and lab experiences where students draw blood, perform injections, EKGs, CPR, and other hands-on activities.


An externship Medical Assistant course is included in this program to provide students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to real-life situations in a healthcare setting. Students are required to complete the required externship hours and other related learning activities prior to graduation. Students are not permitted to be paid for work performed during their externship experience.

After the 7-month training, our students are placed in a medical office or hospital for 150 hours to become familiar with working in a live medical environment where they put their skills to use.


There is also a capstone review at the end of the class to prepare students for the Medical Assistant certification exam.

Graduates at our Medical Assistant School will be qualified to take the following certification exams:

  • NRCMA - Nationally Registered Certified Medical Assistant
  • NRCPT - Nationally Registered Certified Phlebotomy Technician
  • NRCEKG - Nationally Registered Certified EKG Technician
  • NRCAHA - Nationally Registered Certified Administrative Health Assistant

At ACI, no shortcuts are taken and within our 8-month (32-week) program we take the time to ensure that when hired, our students on day one will not only know their way around a medical office, but will be confident, and understand the language and tools to ensure their future employees are satisfied with their skills and work ethic, while making patients feel safe and comfortable with the quality and care they have received from ACI trained professionals.

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Medical Assistant School Program Course Description

  • MA201 - Healthcare Core
  • MA202 - Cardiology & Respiratory, Blood & Lymphatic
  • MA203 - Reproductive/Urinary/Pediatrics & Geriatrics, Digestive & Musculoskeletal
  • MA204 - Endocrine/Integumentary/Pharmacology, Nervous/Special Senses
  • MA205 - Administrative and Billing & Coding
  • MA206 - Externship & Certification Review

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Why choose Austin Career Institute for your Medical Assistant Training
Why choose Austin Career Institute for your Medical Assistant Certification

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