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New Student Financial Aid Checklist

Congratulations on committing to pursuing a valuable education for your career path! If you need or want to seek federal grant(s)and student loan(s), please complete the following before your program start date.


1.       Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Forms 2023-2024.

a.       Click on “New to the FAFSA Process Start Here” if you have never applied for federal financial aid before.

b.       Click on “I am a student and want access to the FAFSA form.”

c.       If you never created an FSA ID in the past, click on “Create an FSA ID”.

d.       If you have created an FSA ID in the past and never applied for a FAFSA, click on “Log In to Continue.”

e.       Follow the step-by-step process on the application form, save, then submit.

f.        Wait 1-3 business days for the results of your FAFSA. Watch for an email notification from FAFSA. ACI will also receive a copy.


2.       Complete an Undergraduate Student  Loan Entrance Counseling online using the same FSA ID. Allow 30 minutes to complete.


3.       Complete your Undergraduate Student loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) online with the same FSA ID.


4.       Read, fill out, sign, and date the ACI Student Funds Authorization Form.

a.       Options available: 1) paper form, or 2) by email via DocuSign for electronic signature